A week after the massive v10.30 update in Fortnite

A week after the massive v10.30 update in Fortnite, Epic are releasing what is expected to be a much more conservative patch for v10.31, although it’s still set to include some important fixes.

For the second update in a row, there hasn’t been a new weapon, item, or vehicle announced in the in-game message screen, so expect the content to be focused in other aspects of the game. 


When does v10.31 go live?

According to Epic’s announcement, which came a little later in the day than usual, the v10.31 patch will be going live on September 18 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST.

Even though this isn’t a major update, free v buck generator there is still going to be downtime for it, which means that matchmaking will be disabled 20-25 minutes prior to the scheduled release time.

Changes to editing and Storm circles

In the days leading up to v10.31’s release, the developers have promised that changes will be made to both editing and Storm circles.

One of the major issues currently plaguing building has to do with crosshair placement, and how that can throw off which structure a player is intending to edit.

An example of this issue can be seen in the clip below, courtesy of Reddit user ‘i2really.’

In response to this issue, an Epic representative commented that a fix would be implemented in the v10.31 update, so there’s something that players can look forward to once the downtime expires. 

As for the Storm, Epic have confirmed that the final circles of matches will no longer end at any of the Rift Zones on the map. 

This came after players were being caught out and eliminated by the Storm in Greasy Grove, due to the intermittent Taco Time dance that was hindering their ability to break out of builds to get to safety.

Potential map changes

As has been the case for almost every one of the recently released updates, there will likely be some sort of change made to the map following the release of v10.31

This will likely focus around Dusty Depot, where there has been a structure being built over the past few weeks that looks to be a launch pad for a rocket, so this patch could add onto what is already there.

There is also the chance that the update could add a new Rift Zone with a special property, following the likes of Tilted Town’s no building rule or Moisty Palms’ ability to turn players into props when crouched. 

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