Fortnite’s controller settings are getting a major overhaul in the v10.40 update

Fortnite’s controller settings are getting a major overhaul in the v10.40 update, so let’s take a look at what’s new.

You’ll unlock a new gauntlet of sorts called The Combine, where you can test your skills and the new settings.

Controller sensitivity
 has received a rework and a new options screen has been added. There are now 10 sensitivity presets to choose from or you can navigate to the Advanced Settings screen for much deeper customisation tools. These include:

  • Basic sensitivity
  • Look sensitivity
  • Aim Down Sights (ADS) sensitivity
  • Advanced aensitivity
  • New controller aim assist

Aim assist now tracks multiple targets and will apply assistance based on a weighting algorithm. This will help in situations where new targets can steal aim assist away from an existing target already being focused on. You also won’t be able to left trigger spam as much as you used to.

Matchmaking is also getting an overhaul, and you’re more likely to be matched with those at a similar level of free v bucks generatorBots will also make an appearance in the next season of Fortnite, but only in lower level games. They won’t feature in Competitive Playlists, either.

The Zone Wars LTM is also coming to Fortnite. It’s a simulation of the end-game scenario in Battle Royale with a condensed moving zone. Up to 15 friends can join you as you eliminate the competition as you avoid the Storm closing in. Randomised spawns and inventory items will make each game unique.

The Starry Suburbs Rift Zone is also live, where shooting stars will drop powerful loot. You’ll also be able to earn double XP this weekend from September 27 to September 30.

Creative gets spooky props and galleries in time for Halloween, including Creature Placers, and new customisable flashlight devices.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Zone Wars

  • Zone Wars: Colosseum
  • Created by Jesgran.
  • Become the ultimate gladiator in a Colosseum-like island. This open-style island demands quick building.
  • Zone Wars: Desert
  • Created by JotaPeGame.
  • Make your way through a small desert town to the final circle. A diverse set of weapons and mobility allow for unique gameplay and lots of replayability.
  • Zone Wars: Downhill River
  • Created by Enigma.
  • Stay out of the storm as you move downhill through a river in this original-style Zone Wars island. Community launch pads and a consistent Storm path allow for familiarity after a few rounds.
  • Zone Wars: Vortex
  • Created by Zeroyahero.
  • This island puts a unique twist on Zone Wars with its mountainous terrain to traverse. The elevation change from zone to zone can be quite drastic!

Weapons and items

  • Explosive Batarang
  • Added an audio visualizer icon for proximity beeping.
  • Shield Bubble
  • Shield Bubbles will bounce off other players when thrown at them.
  • Unvaulted
  • Bouncer
  • Rare trap.
  • Drops in stacks of 3.
  • Found from Supply Drops, Vending Machines, Llamas, and Floor Loot.
  • Can be placed on floors, walls, or ramps/stairs.
  • Provides a jump boost in a direction perpendicular to its placement.
  • Enabled the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang in Arena and Tournament playlists.
  • Bug Fixes

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