Fortnite’s Flooded Map And Season 3 Plot

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 end-of-season event The Device ended with a bang and made some serious changes to the game. From the storm being pushed away, to teleporting to an alternate dimension, to the map being “flooded,” this end of season event raised a lot of questions. Dubbed The Device event, Fortnite effectively set up the plot for the game’s next season while also making some immediate changes to Fortnite itself. With only 2 days to go until Fortnite Season 3, players are dying to know what’s next.

After being delayed twice within a week, Fortnite’s The Device event finally happened and it blew players away, both literally and figuratively. The event free v bucks codes started with pylons emerging out of the water from the hatches surrounding The Agency. Moments later The Agency exploded and The Device was lifted on a platform into the air. Bolts of lightning arched from The Device and struck each of the pylons. The Device was then used to push the storm back, but only for a short period of time.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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The storm’s strength proved too much for The Device to handle, and the storm collapsed back onto The Agency. The Device fired up once more to sending players into the air, pushing back the storm one final time. Then the pylons retracted and all seemed well on Battle Island until players were teleported to an office building belonging to the blonde-haired default Fortnite skin, Jonsey. In the office, players could see a few top-secret files that had pictures of different agents on the front, a wall of family photos featuring Jonsey himself, and a computer monitor that showed live footage of The Device going off.

After a few moments of wandering around Jonsey’s office, the player was then teleported back to Battle Island where a massive wall of water surrounded The Agency. Players were able to swim inside the wall, but took storm damage if they remained inside it for too long. After a few more moments of wandering around Fortnite’s Battle Island, players were then teleported to Jonsey’s office for the final time.

In this segment, Jonsey walks through the door into his office while on the phone. After he hangs up, he sees the player standing in his office and acts shocked, as if the player is not supposed to be able to see or hear him. Before the confrontation goes on for too long the player is teleported back onto the Battle Bus, which is flying over the now-flooded map. The wall of water still stands at bay around The Agency and players jump from the bus into a 20 vs 20 team fight.

Once the event ended players could go back and play rounds of Fortnite like normal, but the storm has been replaced by the water wall. This wall moves in slowly, identical to the way the storm collapses. Players can swim inside the wall but take the normal amount of storm damage they would if the water was not there. Swimming inside the wall is different than swimming inside a river, as players can now swim up and down. Helicopters can be flown above the wall but players will still take storm damage, and if a helicopter is flown into the wall it will break and players will be ejected from their seats.

How this will affect Fortnite Season 3 still remains a mystery. The wall could collapse and flood the map permanently, or the storm being replaced by the water wall could be all that happens. But what we do know is that Agent Jonsey will play a prominent role in Fortnite Season 3, and the plot of next season will revolve around whatever “the loop” is.

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