Fortnite gamers know that the end is near for Season 10

Fortnite gamers know that the end is near for Season 10, and a big event involving the visitor and the rocket is expected to bring the close of the season soon. Before the end of the season, there is still time to get the secret white Scientist skin, but it takes some work.

To get the secret white Scientist skin, players need first to complete the Meteoric Rise challenges, which include:

  • Consume four different Glitched Foraged items
  • Destroy 10 structures with Junk Rifts
  • Eliminate 7 opponents in Rift Zones
  • Search 20 chests or ammo boxes in Rift Zones
  • Touch a glowing cube, enter the Rift above Loot Lake, and search a landing pod within a meteor three times
  • Visit three different Rift Zones in the same match

Once all of those tasks are complete, you’ll again access to the Scientist skin, and you’re halfway there. The next step is to find the six hidden visitor tapes around the game world. Word is they are always in the same place and are easy to find. According to Gamepur, the tapes are located in:

  • Floating Island in the trunk of a truck next to the house.
  • Gotham City outside the theater in the street
  • Greasy Grove inside the taco restaurant.
  • Moisty Palms on the roof of the tallest building
  • Starry Suburbs on the bed inside one of the buildings
  • Retail Row in the bookstore

After gathering all those, there is one more step before you can finally  have the white v buck generator Scientist skin. For that final step, you need to spawn into the game wearing the Scientist outfit. Head to Dusty Depot and go to the warehouse with the rocket on top. Go inside to the console and interact with the button. After doing that, the black color on the Scientist skin should fade to white.

Epic Games is yet to announce when Fortnite Season 11 will be launched

The latest season of the world’s most popular video game is just days away from being launched and various leaks have revealed what players can expect of the battle royale sensation.

One of the biggest changes will be to the game’s map, which is expected to be completely redesigned for the start of the new season.

Since launching two years ago, each new season of Fortnite has seen incremental changes to the island’s geography, such as new frozen zones and desert areas.

But a leaked loading screen suggests that the entire map will be redrawn for Season 11 to give a fresh new look to Fortnite v buck generator.

Various hints that there would be a major overhaul appeared throughout Season 10, including a comet hovering over the island that has been frozen in time since the beginning of the current season.

Once time restarts, the comet could bring about a world-ending event that transitions Fortnite into a new era beyond the island it is currently set on.

separate leak discovered within the game’s underlying files revealed 12 new locations that might make up the new map.

The new locations include names like Camp Cod, Dirty Docks, Mountain Meadow and Slurpy Swamp, Sunny Shores and Weeping Woods.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has already revealed some of the updates for Season 11, including improved matchmaking logic and the introduction of artificial intelligence bots.

Both changes are designed to make it easier for new and inexperienced players to get used to the game without constantly being sniped and killed by more skilled players.

New updates to Fortnite in Season 11 have proved controversial among some players (Epic Games)

Not all players are happy about the upcoming changes, with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins one of those most skeptical about the updates.

“I don’t know how I feel about this,” he said when he learned of the matchmaking feature, which will see players of a similar skill level placed in the same battles.

Fortnite’s controller settings are getting a major overhaul in the v10.40 update

Fortnite’s controller settings are getting a major overhaul in the v10.40 update, so let’s take a look at what’s new.

You’ll unlock a new gauntlet of sorts called The Combine, where you can test your skills and the new settings.

Controller sensitivity
 has received a rework and a new options screen has been added. There are now 10 sensitivity presets to choose from or you can navigate to the Advanced Settings screen for much deeper customisation tools. These include:

  • Basic sensitivity
  • Look sensitivity
  • Aim Down Sights (ADS) sensitivity
  • Advanced aensitivity
  • New controller aim assist

Aim assist now tracks multiple targets and will apply assistance based on a weighting algorithm. This will help in situations where new targets can steal aim assist away from an existing target already being focused on. You also won’t be able to left trigger spam as much as you used to.

Matchmaking is also getting an overhaul, and you’re more likely to be matched with those at a similar level of free v bucks generatorBots will also make an appearance in the next season of Fortnite, but only in lower level games. They won’t feature in Competitive Playlists, either.

The Zone Wars LTM is also coming to Fortnite. It’s a simulation of the end-game scenario in Battle Royale with a condensed moving zone. Up to 15 friends can join you as you eliminate the competition as you avoid the Storm closing in. Randomised spawns and inventory items will make each game unique.

The Starry Suburbs Rift Zone is also live, where shooting stars will drop powerful loot. You’ll also be able to earn double XP this weekend from September 27 to September 30.

Creative gets spooky props and galleries in time for Halloween, including Creature Placers, and new customisable flashlight devices.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Zone Wars

  • Zone Wars: Colosseum
  • Created by Jesgran.
  • Become the ultimate gladiator in a Colosseum-like island. This open-style island demands quick building.
  • Zone Wars: Desert
  • Created by JotaPeGame.
  • Make your way through a small desert town to the final circle. A diverse set of weapons and mobility allow for unique gameplay and lots of replayability.
  • Zone Wars: Downhill River
  • Created by Enigma.
  • Stay out of the storm as you move downhill through a river in this original-style Zone Wars island. Community launch pads and a consistent Storm path allow for familiarity after a few rounds.
  • Zone Wars: Vortex
  • Created by Zeroyahero.
  • This island puts a unique twist on Zone Wars with its mountainous terrain to traverse. The elevation change from zone to zone can be quite drastic!

Weapons and items

  • Explosive Batarang
  • Added an audio visualizer icon for proximity beeping.
  • Shield Bubble
  • Shield Bubbles will bounce off other players when thrown at them.
  • Unvaulted
  • Bouncer
  • Rare trap.
  • Drops in stacks of 3.
  • Found from Supply Drops, Vending Machines, Llamas, and Floor Loot.
  • Can be placed on floors, walls, or ramps/stairs.
  • Provides a jump boost in a direction perpendicular to its placement.
  • Enabled the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang in Arena and Tournament playlists.
  • Bug Fixes

A week after the massive v10.30 update in Fortnite

A week after the massive v10.30 update in Fortnite, Epic are releasing what is expected to be a much more conservative patch for v10.31, although it’s still set to include some important fixes.

For the second update in a row, there hasn’t been a new weapon, item, or vehicle announced in the in-game message screen, so expect the content to be focused in other aspects of the game. 


When does v10.31 go live?

According to Epic’s announcement, which came a little later in the day than usual, the v10.31 patch will be going live on September 18 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST.

Even though this isn’t a major update, free v buck generator there is still going to be downtime for it, which means that matchmaking will be disabled 20-25 minutes prior to the scheduled release time.

Changes to editing and Storm circles

In the days leading up to v10.31’s release, the developers have promised that changes will be made to both editing and Storm circles.

One of the major issues currently plaguing building has to do with crosshair placement, and how that can throw off which structure a player is intending to edit.

An example of this issue can be seen in the clip below, courtesy of Reddit user ‘i2really.’

In response to this issue, an Epic representative commented that a fix would be implemented in the v10.31 update, so there’s something that players can look forward to once the downtime expires. 

As for the Storm, Epic have confirmed that the final circles of matches will no longer end at any of the Rift Zones on the map. 

This came after players were being caught out and eliminated by the Storm in Greasy Grove, due to the intermittent Taco Time dance that was hindering their ability to break out of builds to get to safety.

Potential map changes

As has been the case for almost every one of the recently released updates, there will likely be some sort of change made to the map following the release of v10.31

This will likely focus around Dusty Depot, where there has been a structure being built over the past few weeks that looks to be a launch pad for a rocket, so this patch could add onto what is already there.

There is also the chance that the update could add a new Rift Zone with a special property, following the likes of Tilted Town’s no building rule or Moisty Palms’ ability to turn players into props when crouched. 

The Fortnite “A Meteoric Rise” mission was recently made available by Epic Games

The Fortnite “A Meteoric Rise” mission was recently made available by Epic Games along with the reveal of the Season 10 secret skin called “The Scientist”.

A Meteoric Rise mission has seven different challenges that are available to complete. All but one of the challenges are pretty straightforward to complete. The challenge listed last requires players to touch a giant glowing cube, enter the rift above Loot Lake, and search a landing pod within a meteor. We’ll be covering the “Search a landing pod within a meteor” part of the challenge in this guide.


The meteor can be easily spotted on the Fortnite map south of Dusty Depot, by the OG Factories.

Within the meteor, you’ll find a landing pod, which likely belongs to The Visitor, escaping and creating the rift beacons around the Fortnite Battle Royale map.Content continues below free v bucks generator

In order to get into the meteor to search a landing pod, players can either land within the meteor upon the game starting, or get enough materials to build up to the meteor.

Fortnite within a meteor
Fortnite within a meteor

You can only go into the meteor from from one entry point, which is near the middle of the meteor. Once you go in, you’ll find the landing pod on the left hand side stuck within the meteor wall.

What made the Zapper Trap so good

The Zapper Trap is one of the most effective traps we’ve seen in Battle Royale. That’s not because it deals the most damage — it actually deals only 50 per shock — but because of how it works.

What made the Zapper Trap so good

How frustrating is it when you get into a fight with someone in Battle Royale, and they quickly build a box and hide inside it? Getting them out can be a real pain in the back bling.

Previously, your options were to destroy one of their walls and replace it with your own (which you could then edit to get inside) — but that isn’t always easy for the average player — or to keep applying pressure until the opponent finally came out.


But the Zapper Trap gives us a third option. Throwing it at a wall applies a zapper to either side of it, free v buck generator which damages opponents who get to close. And unlike other traps and items, it can be placed on opponents’ structures — not just your own.

Hiding inside a box is no longer an option for players who like to avoid gunfights, then.

Why was the Zapper Trap removed?

Well, that’s not technically true right now, because the Zapper Trap is gone already — just hours after it arrived. And we don’t yet know whether it will be coming back.

Epic pulled the item on Tuesday evening “due to an issue.” But it hasn’t explained what that issue is, or if it plans to bring Zapper Traps back to Battle Royale later.

It’s possible that Epic decided the Zapper Trap was too powerful and needed adjustments. That’s certainly plausible given how easy it made it to eliminate players in their own structures.

But we’ve had overpowered weapons and items in the past, and Epic doesn’t usually remove them to fix them — they just remain in the game as-is until they’re finally patched.

Zapper Trap’s future unclear

It seems unlikely the Zapper Trap is gone for good, but we have no idea when it will be back. We’ve asked Epic the question, but it is notoriously great at ignoring the press.