So Fortnite’s just a video game, right? It sounds like a bigger deal than that.

While those of us who play Fortnite were riveted to last weekend’s black hole, the rest of the world watched us watching it in confusion and, in some cases, curiosity. Almost two days later, when the game finally came back online, many of my friends—and many of you, in the comments—asked if you should get into it. You also asked if you’d get wrecked by a 10-year-old. The answer to both questions is: yes.

Fortnite’s had a pretty massive overhaul following the hole, entering an era that developer Epic is calling Chapter 2. Players are still sussing out the best landing spots and secrets in the game’s new map and learning its new systems. These changes mean it’s a good time to get into things and learn alongside everyone. Here’s what you, a Fortnite v buck generator wcomer, need to know.

Well, it kind of is. You’ve probably heard of it because of how popular it is, especially with young players. Its in-game dances and slang have filtered out into the real world; my nieces and nephews, who don’t play the game, nevertheless play a game called “Fortnite Tag” in gym class (I don’t entirely understand what it is, but it has “Fortnite” in the name.). The game and its players have also been in the news a lot, beyond just video game publications. Celebrities like musician Drake and TV host Ellen DeGeneres have played it alongside some of its most famous streamers. A lot of artists, in particular black artists, have sued developer Epic for allegedly using dances they invented without compensating them. A 16-year-old won $3 million for winning Fortnite’s World Cup this year. There’s a legal effort in Canada right now to take the game to task for allegedly being addictive. Epic has used some of the money it’s made off the game to launch the Epic Store, a marketplace for PC games that lots of people have strong opinions about. Its big in-game events, like the black hole, get a lot of attention in the press and social media, making Fortnite seem less like a game and more like a whole new world that’s corrupting your kids.

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